Friday, April 24, 2009

Peaceful Honeymoons.

J and I have gone down to see J's folk's, in Bonita Bay Florida for the last 20+ years. Beginning when our boys were babies until later aged teenagers. Back when airplane rides and seeing Grandma and Grandpa were so exciting for them!

Now in the last 5 years, it has been just J and I.

It was really emotionally hard for me, that first trip down without our boys with us. My sitting in my seat, recalling our waking in the morning to get us all up and to the airport. The anticipation on their small sleepy faces of boarding the "big" airplane. Thinking that they are more special than they are, because we were of the elite group that boarded first. Watching the boys carrying their worldly possessions in their backpacks onto the plane with glee and excitement. Gone are those childhood times for J and I to be moaning about "hurry up" or "we are going to be late".

It has now become a second honeymoon for Jay and I.

These past 5 years, J and I have usually tried to arrive in Bonita Bay, so that we can catch our first beach walk and sunset. Can I tell you just how amazingly breath taking Florida sunsets are? Even though our Arizona desert sunsets can cause me to gasp also, there is something to say about a sunset over the ocean. The reflecting ripples of our beloved sun, upon the cool aqua water is a sight to inhale. Deep in my heart, I will forever be an East Coast girl! We have even seen Dolphins jumping against the backdrop in play a time or two!

It is a WHOLE different world down in this part of Florida. It truly is the elite of the elite. The Malibu of Florida one can term. Mansions that rise up from the coastlines, the private beaches (such as the one that is J's folk's here in this photo), yachts and speed boats in all colors and sizes. People that walk the area with the air of that "style" and "attitude." Everything is provided for you. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! The cream of the crop in grocery stores. One of a kind boutiques, of local artists creations in clothes, shoes, sunglasses, handbags, and jewelry. Theaters and Opera Houses equivalent to the New York Met. The restaurant's are beyond anything of the chains like Chili's or Appleby's! They have names like Scottish Pub on Hole 9, Handsome Harry's, Bistro 821, The Maestro, to name a few. Our favorite is Bistro 821. An outdoor Bistro with every amenity of a 5 star eatery. Their specialty is their seafood. It is by far the freshest ever! Why wouldn't it be? It is usually caught the very same day it is served as an entree. Every year, since discovering this Bistro, I have ordered the same dish. Seafood Paella. Knock your socks off amazing! Everything is in this dish. From shrimp to shark. Just the best thing ever! Jay has tried everything from Chilean Sea Bass to their Lobster Bisque. He has never complained once!

J's folk's are so kind to us each and every visit we have gone down. We pay for absolutely nothing while there. They refuse to allows us even to treat for an afternoon frozen yogurt or coffee! Dad says it is to fill in the moments that we are not all together. Conversations at times, have had our differences in opinions heated. Especially in the areas of how each of us should conduct ourselves on this planet. Our love for each other is still apparent and we do enjoy one another's company. The lessons we have learned about one another are rich and of family. They are of a different era and belief system. We do our best to respect one another in this process.

So, J and I enjoy our honeymoons every March/April. As playful as we are already as J and N, we are faithful to it even with J's folk's present. Call it the sun and surf. The salt air. The 8 mile bike rides everyday. The healthy foods we eat. The walks on the beach either for shell collecting and holding hands in the sunset. We have the best time together there. Responsibilities are back in the desert, not on the coast. We are boyfriend and girlfriend again(even though we still act like that on a daily basis!) And our life is great and we LOVE it!

So 5 days of careless love and sun and we arrive home. On the plane ride home we relive our time spent. Giving such gratefulness to J's folk's for having us still come down and be with them. To carry with us the feeling that life is meant to live in the slow of the peace that we are. That holding each other tightly every moment we can grab is such a stress reliever. Even our laughing at each other's antic's, are of our own little language. To remember that honeymoons are not just for Florida but, in Chandler Arizona too. Florida is just our affirming it in a grander way every year.

Till next year's affirmation.....