Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peace & Birthday Blessings!

September 25th, 1963

My sister B.

The best gift I was ever given.

Love of my life.

Keeper of my secrets and dreams.

A mirror of me in every way.

Is wisdom personified.

Guardian of my spirit.

Light in my darkness.

Remembers to include me in all things.

Can make me feel better just by the sound of her voice.

Is everything I still wish I could be.

Protector from harm, ugliness, and unkindness.

Reminds me that bliss, happiness, and joy are a choice.

My history teacher and reminder.

If God had allowed me to choose the sister that I wanted to have in life,

my sister B would, without pause or question, be MY choice!

Happy Birthday my "little" sister!

Saying I Love you doesn't even touch the surface!

Monday, September 21, 2009








May we surround ourselves every day with that that brings us PEACE. May we be of more importance in bringing it about, in droves, to those that neither have the desire nor capacity to do so for themselves.

Love this day and all that follow!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peace on The Pantry Doors.

The Pantry Doors.

In a past post or two, I believe I have mentioned The Pantry Doors. You see, J and I since living in our home since "89", have always placed all and any greeting cards that we have received for Birthday's, Valentine's Day, Christmas's, and Anniversary's on The Pantry Doors. Even our two son's also had The Pantry Doors for their birthday's and for their Christmas's.

For J and I on our Birthdays, Valentine's Day, and Anniversary, we do a treasure hunt for our gifts of words to one another. We hardly ever any more exchange actual wrapped gifts. It is these precious cards, be them Hallmark bought, as well as, some made by hand and in one's handwriting that we exchange as gifts. The amount of them can range in high numbers. We scatter them in many many places throughout our home, our two car, and one year, in our own backyard. "J, what is that white thing in that tree over there?"

Then of course, when we find each paper card, we seek the other out and give gratitude and love in turn. We then together, hang them on The Pantry Door's.

August 28th was our latest treasure hunt. We both tucked them in places like, the coffee can, where we dress in the morning, the shower, the car, in between the sports pages, inside the refrigerator, by the T.V., and lastly, on one's pillow at night to end the day with.

I wanted to share but a few of the ones we exchanged this anniversary. They made us cry and they
made us laugh.

Jay says that this is where I taught him to love. In our previous life.

Our best friends R and J apparently think us to be Fred and Wilma! As they signed it, "With love, Betty and Barney!"

Our children have taken example. They have it right and practice it, with every breath they take.

Jay says this was him and I when were were this young. He says that he is whispering in my mouth that I am his forever!

And I couldn't agree with him more!

To always the treasure hunt
The Pantry Doors.