Saturday, November 28, 2009

Peaceful Blessings!

For all these gifts, of bountiful blessings, that I and my family have been given,

I am profoundly, obsessively, humbly, and passionately,

Filled with gratitude!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

N-Peace was Bestowed an Award!

Look what I just got!!

Awarded by my dear friend PonchoMeg!

I am so humbled by her kind generosity! To think that my little blog has made an impact on her in this way, still has me cocking my head to one side saying "huh?" I am surprisingly speechless and I just am in awe of this. WOW!

My dear PonchoMeg, I adore you! I hope that everyone that "I" know through my blog, comes on over to visit you. To discover the wonderful "hippie" spirit I have come to love. You are such joy!

One of the requirements of accepting this Award, is that those "I" select to receive this award, must post it on your own blog, together with the name and link of the blogger that bestowed this award to you. You are then asked to select 15 other blogs that YOU have discovered and want others to discover too.

These are my blogs that I visit routinely. I do not have 15 blogs though. These are the ones though, that knocked my life into hope and Peace! They each continue to change me in growth and spirit. They each have help to empowered me in ways that I still discover daily. My prayer is that you all also find them equally as wonderful!

Enjoy each of them! They will not disappoint, I promise!

With my humbled gratitude, I thank you my dear friend PonchoMeg!
I so appreciate that we have come to know one another in this wacky place called "Life!"