Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of-Peace and Bless Us All

Life is full of sweet suprises, everyday is a gift.
The sun comes up and I feel it lift my spirit. Fills me up with laughter, fills me up with song. I look into the eyes of love and know that I belong.

Bless us all, who gather here. The loving family I hold dear. No place on earth, compares with home and every path will bring me back from where I roam. Bless us all, that as we live, we always comfort and forgive. We have so much, that we can share, with those in need we see around us everywhere.

Let us love each other. Lead us to the light. Let us hear the voice of reason, singing in the night. Let us run from anger and catch us when we fall. Teach us in our dreams and please, yes please, Bless us one and all.

Bless us all with playful years. With noisy games and joyful tears. We reach for you and we stand tall and in our prayers and dreams we ask you, bless us all.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love - Spirit - Peace

It's in the singing of a street corner choir,
It's going home and getting warm by the fire,
it's true,
wherever you find love
it feels like Christmas....

A cup of kindness that we share with another,
a sweet reunion with a friend or a brother,
in all the places you find love,
it feels like Christmas....

It is the season of the heart,
a special time for caring,
the ways of love made clear....

It is the season of the spirit,
the message if we hear it,
is make it last all year....

It's in the giving of a gift to another,
a pair of mittens that were made by your Mother,
it's all the ways that we show love,
that feels like Christmas....

A part of childhood we'll always remember,
it is the summer of the soul in December,
yes, when you do your best for love,
it feels like Christmas....

It is the season of the heart,
a special time of caring,
the ways of love made clear....

It is the season of the spirit,
the message if we hear it,
is make it last all year....

It feels like Christmas....
It feels like Christmas....
It feels like Christmas....
It feels like Christmas....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Birthday Chica!

"She is the best friend that has an endless depth of honesty. Her abounding level of forgiveness, I never need challenge. She exemplifies my certain way of being on this beautiful planet.

She is the best friend that shares in the unspoken and understanding of commitment. She has accepted me with all my unlimited amount of baggage. It is her power of healing that keeps me valid and of self worth.

She can sense the presence of dark storm clouds moving in over my head. It is the extending of her precious and most peaceful hands that can carry me back home.

She can fulfill me beyond my own fulfillment. She always brings such cool refreshment to my body and to my spirit.

She is part of the cycle of true friendship that truly provides me as a worth while discovery to begin.

Best friends can be of a small few or they can be of many but, it is she and her simpleness of her intensity of love and prayer, that has been a constant in my life and I am humbly blessed."

This was taken from a page in a "Girlfriends" slumber party booklet, that Carol, Char, and I put together, as a token of remembering the night of us all being girlfriends and what they mean to me. I had discovered this passage somewhere that escapes me now. I know that it has stuck with me ever since. I love the arrangement of the words written and how they still make my heart beat.

My Carol is a gift to me. I really do not believe that I have been worthy enough, valid enough, have given to others enough, been sinless enough, prayed enough, or anything else, to not be questioning her existence in my life/heart or especially as to why she stays.

I believed I had lost her so long ago for reasons that I am still uneven about. Yet, with kindness and strength, she endures my insecurity. I have adored her since the time I saw her smile and heard her infectious laugh. Her sense of humor is beyond compare. She has shown me what true "love of family" is. I know she disagrees.

Happy Birthday Chica...Ya-ya.....Carolyn......Carol.......I adore you....I love you like a crazy women......I am so grateful to God that I sat at an outside table, in the front of Starbucks one beautiful afternoon. Waiting on my Ruthie and looking out across the way, an empty parking space becomes filled with a maroon Tahoe. I spy this familiar and beautiful face again. Do I trust that it is you? Again, gratefulness washes over me and I embrace the friend I thought I had lost and I engage your heart to be intertwined with mine.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratefulness in it's wonderment!

A holiday that invokes wonderful memories for me. Just as I am sure it does for everyone that was allowed the privilege of having a meal set before them. All made with love and with care by our Mothers and Grandmothers. The daughters (and some sons too) learning while watching how the dough feels between their hands to know when it is right for baking of the pies. Homemade recipes handed down to each generation. The learning of the family prayer that is only said, with hands joined as a chain, at the table dressed in orange and rust hues. A cornucopia that was a school project as their centerpiece. Relatives that make us smile with richness from their love and appreciation of what they have.
I am so grateful for so much in my life. I have been blessed more times than I believe me to be worthy. I know that I first am so grateful to God and what I have been allowed to receive. The love of a man that has knocked my socks off since the day I spied him painting a store front window. For my two sons that have shown me more in what "IS" important than what should be. For my extended family that has had struggles that have made them into heroes for me, to admire and strive to be like in most ways. For my sister Barbara, whom I have adored since the day my parents brought her home. I really believed that she WAS for me! No women has walked her life road in the manner as she. I am always amazed with her. She is another part of my existence. For my Ruthie and my Carol. I love them with a power that is truly spiritual. As I love my soul mate Jay, I cannot imagine my life without them in it. I am so grateful for the time I have on this earth. For the wellness to be able to learn and find interest. To love nature. To love my Jeep Wrangler. To be able to listen to music that makes me want to dance all around. To my friend Martha and her coming to terms with her cancer and the fight that is ahead of her. She is a hero to me. To my daughter-in-law and the struggle she battles everyday to love herself. I am so grateful to be able to love and give to others even when they don't want anything.
I am peaceful today. I am grateful for Peace today. I wish you all the Happiest of Thanksgivings and may you enjoy your families and friends in abundance.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Embarking on Peace.

In Websters dictionary it is defined as; a state of tranquility or of quietness. A state of security or of order within a community provided for by law or of custom, a harmony in ones personal relations, a truce/pact to cease hostilities between any who have been at war or are in a state of enmity, is used as a greeting or a farewell.
Do you too feel the coldness of these words that stare back at you from the page? I feel no "peace" in reading them. I feel that a dictionary cannot convey the emotion that is attached to the word PEACE.
In my "personal" dictionary it is defined as; reaching inside ones self, God's place, to breathe with calmness and of a smooth and even softness. To "bring" a hope to where it is void. A state of recall of our memories past that gave us giggles and laughter. To be in the silence and comprehend it's meaning.
Do you feel the PEACE of these definitions while letting the words whisper through your lips? I hope that you do. Feel them in your breath.
My prayer in this blogging endeavor is that I will discover, learn, argue, become enlightened, and to more importantly, become aware of my fellow man. I am so new to putting myself out there for others to interpret and define. I have found at times that the written word can bring allot of hurt and confusion. I hope, in my "N-Search of Peace", I can be of interest and perspective. I equally hope that you all stay for a spell or at least till the end of this new chapter for me.
I leave you in Peace.....always N-Peace.