Thursday, December 31, 2009

PEACE Wishes for 2010!


These are my "open" prayers, thoughts, and wishes, for all of you dear friends, that visit my blog for this New Year!

1. Life isn't always fair, but it is really good!

2. You do not have to win every argu
ment. Agree to disagree. Being right is not better than being happy.

3. Make PEACE with your past. You do not want it to show up and screw with your present.

4.Do not compare your life to anyone e
lse's. You have absolutely no idea what their journey has been.

5. Get rid of anything that i
s not useful, beautiful, or joyful.

6. Frame every "so-called" disaster with these words, "In five years, will any of this matter?"

7. Forgive everyone everything.

8. If everyone threw their problems all into a pile, I promise, you would grab yours back.

9. It is none of your busi
ness what others think of you.

10. Being envious is a waste of your precious time.

11. Your life is far too short to be disliking, or even hating another soul.

12. Don't audit your life here. Sho
w up everyday and make the most of it.

13. You have always had
all that you have ever needed.

14. Our lives aren't always tied up in pretty bows or such, but it is a gift this life we are given.

15. And finally, please remember that all that truly matters in the "end" is that
you loved.

I so very much wish each of you, a most healthy, deep pocketed in prosperousness, of pure joy, of very few sorrows, of rich in kind-of-heart, to everyday love with abundance and abandonment, to always look toward your fellow man with forgiveness and of true kindness, and for all of you my dear friends here, I wish for you such PEACE in the New Year.

God's speed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twas Peace in the House!

Twas 15 days till Christmas and all through my Arizona house,

This is not a tree of 6ft. It is a tree of a full 12. It is way too big to house any mouse.

It stands so largely and ever so brightly! There are all 3800 lights on each branch and bough. With the song of The First Noel singing lightly.

The decorations were skewed all over our two couches,

In piles,

In heaps,

In groupings,

In clusters,

There are such treasured and cherished bunches!

Each decoration has found it's new place on our tree.

On each bough and each br
anch and dear, can you see?

That our tree is just perfect. All finished as can be. I so love my tree. Oh yes indeed!

So now off to our fireplace I turn with great hope,

I too would decorate this and that ain't no joke!

On the mantle they go, my barn stars of two. With three quite unique snowmen. You know, last year I had only two.
My Grandmother's vintage handkerchiefs, all hung for any "bless-you's!"

With 5 colored blocks, that spell out the word I live best.

This is our completed fireplace, l must say, this year's is the best!

So, I ponder and I think. What more can I do?
A PEACE tree of course, this isn't something new!

With all multi-colored and sized snowflakes, with all white lights, and a fair amount of glitter. Up went our PEACE tree, it stands in our washtub, it gives me the twitters!

So sitting and watching the twinkling's of joy, I want to wish, from my house to ours, PEACE and full bright light. May all of your blessings be many this year. As your sorrows be ever so few. Merry Christmas dear friends and always stand in the light!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy "Peace" Birthday Chica!

A very very

happy happy

to my Chica C!

You bring to me such love and joy! You have a presence that makes one want to do better in life. You have scars from battles, that have taught us all, the true art of healing. My prayer for you this birthday, is that you, yourself, see and feel all the wonders that I and we, see and feel in you!

Wishing you a year ahead of joyfulness and PEACE Chica!

Like a crazy women,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Peaceful Blessings!

For all these gifts, of bountiful blessings, that I and my family have been given,

I am profoundly, obsessively, humbly, and passionately,

Filled with gratitude!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

N-Peace was Bestowed an Award!

Look what I just got!!

Awarded by my dear friend PonchoMeg!

I am so humbled by her kind generosity! To think that my little blog has made an impact on her in this way, still has me cocking my head to one side saying "huh?" I am surprisingly speechless and I just am in awe of this. WOW!

My dear PonchoMeg, I adore you! I hope that everyone that "I" know through my blog, comes on over to visit you. To discover the wonderful "hippie" spirit I have come to love. You are such joy!

One of the requirements of accepting this Award, is that those "I" select to receive this award, must post it on your own blog, together with the name and link of the blogger that bestowed this award to you. You are then asked to select 15 other blogs that YOU have discovered and want others to discover too.

These are my blogs that I visit routinely. I do not have 15 blogs though. These are the ones though, that knocked my life into hope and Peace! They each continue to change me in growth and spirit. They each have help to empowered me in ways that I still discover daily. My prayer is that you all also find them equally as wonderful!

Enjoy each of them! They will not disappoint, I promise!

With my humbled gratitude, I thank you my dear friend PonchoMeg!
I so appreciate that we have come to know one another in this wacky place called "Life!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

God's Peace in Deer Springs!

Deer Springs.

Where heaven and earth meet.

Where trees rise up from God's soil.

In tucked away spots, life is proved to be a forever circle.

Where roads are not, less traveled.

God's reminding that with death, there is ALWAYS life!

A place where best friends, renew their vows to one another in their commitment, support, encouragement, acceptance, and love for each other.

Deer Springs.

Peace and heaven rolled into one!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peace & Birthday Blessings!

September 25th, 1963

My sister B.

The best gift I was ever given.

Love of my life.

Keeper of my secrets and dreams.

A mirror of me in every way.

Is wisdom personified.

Guardian of my spirit.

Light in my darkness.

Remembers to include me in all things.

Can make me feel better just by the sound of her voice.

Is everything I still wish I could be.

Protector from harm, ugliness, and unkindness.

Reminds me that bliss, happiness, and joy are a choice.

My history teacher and reminder.

If God had allowed me to choose the sister that I wanted to have in life,

my sister B would, without pause or question, be MY choice!

Happy Birthday my "little" sister!

Saying I Love you doesn't even touch the surface!

Monday, September 21, 2009








May we surround ourselves every day with that that brings us PEACE. May we be of more importance in bringing it about, in droves, to those that neither have the desire nor capacity to do so for themselves.

Love this day and all that follow!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peace on The Pantry Doors.

The Pantry Doors.

In a past post or two, I believe I have mentioned The Pantry Doors. You see, J and I since living in our home since "89", have always placed all and any greeting cards that we have received for Birthday's, Valentine's Day, Christmas's, and Anniversary's on The Pantry Doors. Even our two son's also had The Pantry Doors for their birthday's and for their Christmas's.

For J and I on our Birthdays, Valentine's Day, and Anniversary, we do a treasure hunt for our gifts of words to one another. We hardly ever any more exchange actual wrapped gifts. It is these precious cards, be them Hallmark bought, as well as, some made by hand and in one's handwriting that we exchange as gifts. The amount of them can range in high numbers. We scatter them in many many places throughout our home, our two car, and one year, in our own backyard. "J, what is that white thing in that tree over there?"

Then of course, when we find each paper card, we seek the other out and give gratitude and love in turn. We then together, hang them on The Pantry Door's.

August 28th was our latest treasure hunt. We both tucked them in places like, the coffee can, where we dress in the morning, the shower, the car, in between the sports pages, inside the refrigerator, by the T.V., and lastly, on one's pillow at night to end the day with.

I wanted to share but a few of the ones we exchanged this anniversary. They made us cry and they
made us laugh.

Jay says that this is where I taught him to love. In our previous life.

Our best friends R and J apparently think us to be Fred and Wilma! As they signed it, "With love, Betty and Barney!"

Our children have taken example. They have it right and practice it, with every breath they take.

Jay says this was him and I when were were this young. He says that he is whispering in my mouth that I am his forever!

And I couldn't agree with him more!

To always the treasure hunt
The Pantry Doors.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You are a Peace of me and I am a Peace of you.

There is a boy named J.

And there is a girl named N.

They met one another in the December of 1979.

It was the boy named J, that asked the girl named N out on a date. After a one year courtship, the boy named J, asked the girl named N , if she would be his forever!

On August 28th, 1982, both of their hearts became one.

The boy named J and the girl named N, still go out on many many dates together. And it even has been known that the girl named N, has sometimes asked the boy named J out, this time around.

The boy named J and the girl named N, have created so many amazing memories since that day they promised forever. They created out of this, their two sons J and T. They have laughed and cried through all that life has thrown at them. May their hearts continue to always love one another's. Not only in this lifetime but in all the others there after.

Our life is so good!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace in the Mirror.

"Your friend is the field where you sow with love and harvest with gratitude.

They are your home, your table. Even when they are silent, two hearts continue to talk to one another. When you leave them, do not suffer, for you will see the importance of your friendship all the better because of this absence. Just as a mountain climber sees the landscape around him better, than when he is far from the plains.

May you be able to share with your friends all that is good and pure of heart. Let them know and share not only all your joys but, of your immense sorrows too. Know that a friend is not by your side to help kill time. It is to enjoy this life in all it's fulfillments."
by, Kahil Gibran.

I was sent this by a friend that is so far from to be able to hug her for this. I wanted to acknowledge it in a huge way. I think this just about does it!

I find it beautiful and pure.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peace in August!....No no I mean Autumn!



With the spectrum of warm colors that will cast against a September sky.

A harvest moon hanging in the black-drop heavens.

The shuffling along in the faded leaves, that are then turned back to Mother Natures compost.

The various sizes, shapes, and colors of pumpkins. Filling rows upon rows in the farmers fields for Jack-o-Lanterns and home greetings.

All the roadside stops along the byways, with their temptations and luring of "tricks or treats."

The wafting of aroma's, in the blends of nutmeg and cinnamon.

All the cool days and cold nights.

Staying under the blanket in the cold early mornings.

Escaping to a secret grove of God's true beauty. Trees standing tall and covered in fire and gold. All of the Ya-ya's very own.

Special tastes that only happen in the Autumn months.

Pie's and breads. Stews and soups.

Yankee and Gold Canyon
candles in all their "fall" scents.

A holiday set for giving thanks for the bounty's, that we are blessed to hold before us.

A soft lit fire where we sit and ponder this wacky and beautiful life. Where beloved pets curl up by and sleep with dreams of chasing rabbits.

The many sweater's, scarves, hat's, and mitten's, knitted by hand with love.


I do believe that I am going to have to go up in the attic this weekend.

It is obvious that I am in need of some "fall-fairiness."



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peace in the Moment.




I look towards places that can give me perspective!

I crave it and implement it as much as my mind and soul is capable of.

Be it discovered in a box of cards that a gift it was.


from words from a sister, who's life IS of true wisdom.


of the best friends who are soft places to turn to, for actions in wisdom.


of new best friends that arrived in your life at the moments you are in need of new perspectives in wisdom.


from looking upwards, in receiving the heavens above! Searching and listening for the whisper of wisdom that no book has yet been written of.


from the person that lights your life up blindingly, by being everything that you are and more. Just because you are loved.


by those that you admire in their living of their life and of their wisdom that they never speak of.

There are many that I personally draw from. These are but a few of my first turns.

I also seek it from other family and of course friends. From past experiences of my own of course, as well as, from those that are in my life and what they see and choose. A baby's eyes and the wisdom they can hold in their gaze upon our faces. A soldiers life upon returning back into the fold of their homeland. Nature and her cycle of life. Music.




It keeps us all real and can give us strength in what is seen to be ugly.